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Recreational Classes (ages 6+)

Dance Studio No. 1 offers several Recreational Classes as part of its broad-based curriculum. Recreational classes are offered in Ballet, Modern & Contemporary, Acro-Dance, Character & Free Movement, Show Jazz and Hip Hop.

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Young Children’s Program (3-6 years)

Dance Studio No. 1’s celebrated and developmentally-appropriate Young Children’s Program is designed for children ages 3-6 years.

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Foundation Syllabus Program (ages 6 – 11 years)

Dance Studio No. 1’s Foundation Syllabus Ballet Program provides comprehensive ballet training from beginner through pre-professional levels. With a focus on technical and artistic excellence, students in this program take on a new grade level every academic year providing continuous ballet training with marked progression and goals in an exam every March.

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Pre-Professional Syllabus Program (ages 11 – 19 years)

Dance Studio No. 1’s specialized curriculum along with performance opportunities provide the students in the Syllabus Ballet Program with an exciting challenge that fosters a wonderful sense of achievement and prepares students for the competitive world of dance.

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Adult Classes

The Studio serves as home to a wide variety of classes for adults taught by independent teaching professionals from the Los Angeles community who rent space at the Studio. As these teachers operate independently from the Studio, please contact the teacher listed on the adult schedule for more information on classes and registration.

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