Foundation Syllabus Program

//Foundation Syllabus Program
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Foundation Syllabus Program (ages 5 – 12 years)

Dance Studio No. 1’s Foundation Syllabus Ballet Program provides comprehensive ballet training from beginner through pre-professional levels. With a focus on technical and artistic excellence, students in this program take on a new grade level every academic year providing continuous ballet training with marked progression and goals in an exam every March.

Our program begins with introductory classical training in Primary. We incorporate elements of Free Movement and Character Dance in the Ballet levels “Grade 1-4”, as seen in most traditional classical ballets, and introduce pointe work in the Ballet level “Grade 5”. Exams are intended to help encourage dancers to achieve the goal of mastering their particular level of study, elevating the dancer with measurable progress and “graduating” them to the next level. Exams are optional. Students in the Ballet program participate in winter and spring recitals annually. Several students in the program also participate in DS1’s summer International Dance Acclaim Dance Intensive.

Placement Classes: All new students entering into the Foundation Syllabus Program will be required to take a placement class in order to determine the appropriate grade level.

Grade Required Classes
Primary (Minimum age 6) 1 class per week
Grade 1 (Minimum age 7) 2 classes per week
Grade 2 (Minimum age 8) 2 classes per week
Grade 3 (Minimum age 9) Minimum 3 classes per week
Grade 4 (Minimum age 10) Minimum 3 classes per week

(*Specific classes required. Please contact the Studio for further direction.)

All students must be of age by December 1st of every school year.